• VISA

We decided to arrange the visas for some of the countries from the Netherlands. We wanted to be sure we made it within the 3 months set for the adventure. We arranged the visas for the following countries pre-departure:

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Congo Brazzaville
  • Congo Kinshasa
  • Angola

The other country visas will be obtained on the road.

  • Training

We followed three off-road training courses from BERRT:

During this training, the basics of off-roading on a big adventure motorbike are explained and practiced.

During these two days, the basics of extreme terrain driving are practiced. The park in Hechlingen is the perfect playground for big enduro bikes and is the perfect preparation for a long adventure to Cape Town…

This full-day mechanic workshop provides the ins- and outs of motorcycle maintenance and repairs when in the bush, or middle of nowhere, dessert of some sort…


  • Route


  • Equipment