Today we fly back to our cold little frog country ( ;-)).


We have to get up early because we have to drop off our bikes for them to be shipped by boat to Rotterdam within the next month. We have our last African – well not really – breakfast and say goodbye to our travel companions Ada, Anita, and Pieter. We drive to an industrial building where we have to drop off our bikes and tighten them in the container. Duncan from African Overlanders organizes everything for us and we see him lock the container which is another chapter closed for our trip – a small emotional moment for both of us.


Duncan even drives us to the beach where we have a quick swim in the FREEZING water, he even helps us to do a final payment at a local branch of the ASBA bank for the insurance of our precious cargo and drops us off at the airport.


I have two bags as check-in luggage, but can only bring one – I decide to protect-wrap the two together. As we don’t have any cash left, we can only use the tape and nearly use the entire roll of tape to secure our luggage together: 20.8 kg… fair enough.


As we are drinking our coffee waiting for boarding we select some pictures for the famous Barneveldse Krant who is doing a second special on our amazing trip.


If there is anything that we’ve learnt during this adventure, is that the people living all over Africa are extremely willing to help others out… Thanks for having us, we’ve felt very welcome.



  1. Ik heb genoten van jullie reisverhaal. Super leuk geschreven! Goede reis terug! En tot gauw in Voorthuizen!

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