After a second night in my heavenly bed I feel fully refreshed. I haven’t slept like this in ages are my first thoughts this morning. The smell of breakfast already filled my room and I’m looking forward to have it on the veranda with view of the Swartberg pas, which we will cross today.

I’m particularly looking forward to the view and doing it with an unloaded bike. After breakfast we have a slow start where we give fixing Johan’s helmet another shot. We fail horribly, and decide to leave it off for now.


We set off with Pieter, Anita, and Ada in the car and Johan and I on our bikes to Prince Albert on the other side of the Swartberg pas. We drive in front of the car and wait once in a while at one of the amazing viewing points. We make some new drone footage where I follow myself and Johan on the bikes.

We arrive in Prince Albert to get cash and have lunch at the Lazy Lizard. We order nearly everything on the menu and all we have is time, just like the restaurant itself. After lunch we walk through town where they mostly sell art, ostrich products, and mohair wool stuff.


The drive back is as special as the first time, with much lower temperatures. When we hit the highest point it’s 14 degrees with high winds. It’s nothing compared to how low the temperatures are back home at the moment, however it makes me appreciate the heat a bit more. During our descent we see some springbucks and more ostriches.


When we arrive home, the guesthouse informs us that the chicken was off and they didn’t want to risk feeding us bad food, so they’d arranged for us to eat next door: in Patat Restaurant. – Patat means sweet potato, unlike in Dutch where it means French fries – so my expectations weren’t that high. This changed when I learnt that they serve white beer and even IPA’s or their local brewery: Karoo Craft Breweries. The ostrich steak was great too.








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