I wake up between the down sheets in the beautiful little house we’d rented for the night. I open all the doors and the first thing I notice is the fresh air. The village lays at around 1800 meters and the fresh mountain air with a great mountain view is a breath of fresh air after the heat and humid west African countries. I’d been looking forward to this climate, although I’m feeling cold at the moment, I am very much enjoying it.


As we drive through the mountainous area on the beautiful gravel roads, the scenery is increasingly mind-blowing. Zebra’s, gazelle, warthogs, wildebeest, and ostriches cross the road in front of us…


The road alternates between gravel and tar and we decide to have a short break on a section of gravel. Johan opens his visor of his helmet and breaks one of the sides which was holding it in place. We struggle for a while to mend it, and fail horribly… In the end we drive on with Johan’s helmet duct taped shut.


The last section of the road transforms in a road with s-bends climbing from 300 meters to 850. The scenery changes to mountains in the background, ostrich farms on the side of the road and we arrive at the lodge just before the sun sets.


We drive up to the gate of the Moroc-Karoo Guesthouse and Johan honks to let the others know we’ve arrived. I decide to open the gate, and the owner smiles as we approach the house over the driveway. Seconds later my aunt and uncle Anita & Pieter and my mother, Ada welcome us with their camera’s on the driveway: a special moment of reunion after 2,5 months on the road.

We thought that the night in New Bethesda was one of the nicest places until we were shown our rooms and the view for the next three days to come: astonishing.


Not much later we are enjoying a braai with ostrich neck: baie taai.


I fall asleep knowing we are nearly there… in a bed the size of 10 of my tents.





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