Leaving our luxury room in Parys on the not so impressive Vaal, we set off to drive towards a large lake on our route to the coast; Gariep. It’s quite a long drive passed large fields and emptiness on a two-lane high way. The highway is often perfectly straight and separates the dry yellow landscape from more dry yellow landscape. The land is flat with here and there some hilly areas.

During lunch we stop to make some drone footage with our newly bought drone and manage to set the drone to follow us from above. The DJI application on the iPhones now often crashes which makes accurate and stable flying a bit more difficult.


We arrive on time in Gariep, where we find a campsite next to a harbor on a European-like campsite field with many others settled within their own little spots. We meet a group of South-African motorcyclists on a Yamaha Teneré, BMW F800, and a Kawasaki KLR 650 which stay in small tents. We share some stories, and they can’t believe the trip we’ve done. They want to do the same trip someday, but comment that they wouldn’t do it on a 1200, which is way too heavy in their opinion…


We manage to get something to eat at the restaurant that belongs to the park. The temperature has dropped to about 15 degrees as we walk back to our tents. As I fall asleep in my thin sleeping bag I have good hopes that I won’t be too cold tonight, I’ve even put on my icebreaker – we were very cold – I even pulled my motorcycle jacket on top of my sleeping bag to stay a bit warmer.


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